you know, i know, you know, i remember you

i know, you know, i know,
you remember me

[ indie multicharacter. triggering and nsfw ]
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6/21/13 -- ??/??/??

When obsessive high school computer tech teacher, Mason Vardaman (Cumberbatch), let’s his sick obsession with a certain student, Ellison Winter (McAuliffe) get the best of him, he resorts to kidnapping him and leaving no helpful evidence as to where they both went except for Ellison’s key necklace.

Now, Ellison’s parents, Lynn and Roger Winter (Chastain & DiCaprio) are working together to find him, with the help of their daughter Keeston Winter (Shipka) and Ellison’s best friend and long time crush, Jeremy Daton (Pettyfer)

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